Just to share some documents formated in Markdown publicly.

The extension choosen is .md. You can read more about the syntax here:

The files are stored inside the data/ folder.

For content that you want to embed (like images) I'd recommend to create a
separate folder (I use host/) next to the index.php file.
It can then be used that way: ![Embedded picture](/host/pic.jpg)

How to add and open a file

For this example we'll use as the file
and as the base URL.

URL rewriting is available too, but I've inclued it only if you're using it at
the root of your (sub-)domain.

Nice URLs

By default, you'll need to share URLs like or
With some URL rewriting we can make it prettier, like

Nginx Config

You'll need to add or edit the location / {} inside your server {} block,
along with your other properties (listen, server_name, root, index, php, ...):

location / {
    # Check if a file exists, or route it to index.php
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?f=$uri;


Your vHost should have AllowOverride All inside his
<Directory /path/to/folder/> node.

You should enable mod_rewrite with a2enmode rewrite and restart Apache2, too.

Then, the .htaccess distributed here sould work.